When you think of Danish design and engineering, understatement
comes to mind.
Westfire capture this essence perfectly to manufacture wood-burning
stoves with high quality craftsmanship and impeccable attention to detail.
Simple cylindrical shapes and sleek insets work in traditional or modern
interiors while pedestal and hearth stove designs stay minimal,
with stunning accessories to enhance the look.
As forward-thinking as they are stylish, Westfire have future-proofed
their technology to harness heat with a natural process.
Using thermal energy and well managed wood, Westfire stoves perform
with the utmost efficiency and create a warm glow
for your home and for your conscience.


Modern woodburning and multifuel stoves,
inspired by our rural setting but with modern living in mind,
each stove is named after a place in the
beautiful Somerset hills and features multi-fuel versatility
and a quality construction.
Designs – whether traditional or modern – have been brought to life
by the most experienced craftsmen using cutting edge technology.
These contemporary woodburning stoves are the perfect accompaniment for any home.

Mendip Stoves are proud supporters of the Woodland Trust,
contributing £10 per stove sold to the number one
woodland conservation charity in the UK.
Just £10 is enough to to plant 3 native trees here in the UK
and aid with the restoration of UK woodland.

Nestor Martin

The pinnacle of wood burning technology these log burners
offer a new level of performance.
Crafted by the European leader in home heating technology,
the Nestor Martin (formerly Efel) range of wood
burning stoves is the result of uncompromising
engineering and over 150 years of experience.

Their ancestral tradition as cast iron founders has always been
coupled with a spirit of technological innovation,
and every Nestor Martin appliance carries with it a technical
expertise and an integrity which is unrivalled.

Also available in Gas
We have both these models in our showroom

Beltane Stoves

From the heat of the fire, each stove is born of experience
and enthusiasm for fire engineering.

Beltane Stoves’ durability and style
makes them a lovely addition to any home.

We have the Inset stove in our showroom


Hergom’s appliances are well designed,
efficient with a sophisticated double combustion system.
Through there innovative internal structure Hergom stoves
provide maximum heat and fuel performance with minimal
emissions of unburnt particles into the atmosphere.

Hergom is one of Europe’s largest and most established
manufacturers of cast iron stoves and cookers.
Their stoves are forged its state the art foundry in
Santander in northern Spain, with Hergom owning their own foundry
they use the finest cast iron as the primary material
in their production stoves, they understand cast iron
and its resilience as a material for hearth and fireplace products.
Durability, unique forming and thermal initia give
cast products the edge in the market.


Danburn Stoves offer the contemporary look of a classic Danish stove.
Each stove is born of experience and enthusiasm for fire engineering.
Danburn Stoves durability and style
makes them a lovely addition to any home.


With a philosophy that balances nature and innovation,
Jide harnesses the environment and cutting-edge combustion
techniques to bring the power of fire and air into your home.
Belgian-based, Jide creates ranges of wood-burning inserts that
fit seamlessly into an existing or future fireplace.
New eco-labelled combustion designs mean air intakes burn and
re-burn gases while creating a turbo effect to sweep the glass clean.
Keeping their eco-credentials firmly intact, Jide have developed
some stoves which take 100% combustion air from outside and
their thermal-efficient designs burn less wood, and burn it better.

Fogo Montanha

Fogo Montanha is an up and coming brand of premium inset
and freestanding stoves.
With a wide range to chose from you’ll be certain to find
the perfect woodburner for your home.

Fogo Montanha incorporates the newest technology and ventilation
options with top quality steel design and workmanship.
Designing its entire range premium inset stoves and freestanding
woodburning stoves with exceptional care and a never ending
attention to detail.

Featuring the latest technology, and beautiful modern designs,
these contemporary woodburning stoves are the perfect addition
to any home.
With clean glass technology and triple combustion you are ensured
a perfect, efficient and beautiful fire.

Service & Installation

We are able to offer a bespoke service altering your fireplace, by raising lintels and widening the fire place, plaster work, laying hearths and fixing surrounds, or mantels, all of which are made to measure.

Natural Flames are able to reproduce any look you may wish to compliment your stove.

Our installation service covers all aspects of the recommendations laid down by HETAS, the industry body set up to guarantee technical standards, this covers all fitting requirements, such as the relining of the existing chimney or where there is no chimney, a stainless steel, twin wall chimney can be installed.

Our range of services covers every aspect of chimney maintenance from chimney sweeping to replacing chimney stacks, CCTV inspections and full surveys.

  How to Light Your Stove

Look out for the Defra symbol

For stoves approved to burn in smoke free areas

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