Heta’s Inspire series is a range of rugged multi-fuel stoves made
from the best quality 5mm and 8mm steel, with a solid cast iron door,
fire base and shaker grate.
Inspire stoves produce 2 – 6.5 kW of heat making them ideal for a
wide range of applications from log cabins, country cottages,
town houses to larger modern homes.
The simple single control makes them very easy to operate and
combustion performance is excellent from as low as 1.5kW.
The cast-iron doors for the Inspire series are available with a
traditional black painted surface, but you can add extra style
to your stove by choosing one of Heta’s nine modern enamel colours.
Front door can be enamelled. Colour options here .
Inspire 45 is a wide landscape model with the same generous view of the flames.
The combustion chamber can take logs up to 42cm and has an efficiency of 84%.
It shares the same precise air control as the Inspire 40
throughout its 2.5 – 6.5kW output range.
As an option, Inspire stoves can be mounted on a 32cm log store
giving the stove a more prominent presence in the room.
This convenient addition not only provides the option to store logs,
but also enables the operation and re-fueling of the stove from a more com­fortable level.
We have the 40 Inset and the freestanding Inspire 45 models in our showroom

Ambition 5/8

A contemporary freestanding stove, offering
unparalleled levels of performance

Benefiting from a contemporary, yet timeless design,
HETA’s Ambition 5 features a larger glass area, to provide
you with an uninterrupted view of the mesmerising flame picture.

As you’d expect from a HETA stove, the Ambition 5 is remarkably
efficient and features HETA’s ‘Clean Burn’ technology. Combustion
is controlled by a single lever, giving you allowing you to adjust
the burn, quickly, safely and easily.

Built stronger to last longer, the Ambition 5 features a heavy gauge
steel body, made from quality European steel and a cast-iron door.

The Ambition 5 can be supplied with a log store (with or without door)
,available in Black or Grey,
We have both these models and colours in our showroom


A slim, smart designed wood­burning stove

Oura is the newest stove in the product range from Heta.
It is a slim, smart designed wood­burning stove with a huge
front glass, which gives a fantastic view to the flames.
As an extra detail we have used aluminium
handles and trims to give it the final touch.

The Oura series is available in many different options which
include the choice of steel, soapstone, granite and coloured
ceramic side panels and the option of side windows
when fitted with steel sides.

The stylish Oura stoves are available in 13 splendid modern
ceramic colours, allowing them to be uniquely
customised to the user’s taste.

We have one on display in our showroom

Scanline 850

Scan-Line 850 is an elliptical stove in a stylish, modern design

The Scan-line 850 series comprises of six different variants
at different heights.
The models can of course be supplied with steel, soapstone or ceramic
to meet individual customer requirements.
The standard product programme also includes options for accumulating
large volumes of heat, a baking oven, swivel models and combustion
chambers at different heights.

All the models in the Scan-Line 850 range are available with a ceramic
surface and there are 42 Heta ceramic colours to choose from.
Heta provides you with a unique opportunity to adapt the stove
to bring a personal touch to your home interior.

Scan-Line 850 Ceramic on a rotary column allows you to enjoy the flames
and the elegant ceramic decoration from different angles.
The ceramic is filled with chamotte.
It disperses heat gradually over several hours after the stove itself has burned out.
We have this model in our showroom

Scanline 8

Compact, beautifully crafted and remarkably efficient,
with cast iron sides for even greater heat retention.

Despite being just 44cm wide, this highly-efficient
stove from Heta excuses such presence, that it’s
guaranteed to quickly become a focal point in any room.

The Scan-Line 8 has been designed to have a classic look
featuring a large glass window through which the the
beautiful flame picture can be viewed.

To help you create a stove as individual as you are, you can
close from a range of aluminium accents, to highlight
the Scan-Line 8’s contemporary design.

Designed exclusively as a wood-burning stove,
doesn’t just feature a smart design, but is smart on features too.
The size and shape of the fire chamber gives the Scan-Line 8 an
impressive 81% efficiency rating and particle emissions
of just 0.65g/km of burnt wood.

Meanwhile, the front door closes automatically using a damping function,
and the door handle is removable.
Behind the bottom door of the stove, you’ll find a 5ltr ash pan,storage space.
Supplied pre-prepared for direct connection to outdoor air and
installation of Heta’s special HAC burning system,
Scan-Line 8 is a 4.5 kW stove that allows for a heat capacity ranging
from 2 to 8 kW – making it ideal for heating areas areas
of up to 130 m2 in a well-insulated home.
We have this model in our showroom

Service & Installation

We are able to offer a bespoke service altering your fireplace, by raising lintels and widening the fire place, plaster work, laying hearths and fixing surrounds, or mantels, all of which are made to measure.

Natural Flames are able to reproduce any look you may wish to compliment your stove.

Our installation service covers all aspects of the recommendations laid down by HETAS, the industry body set up to guarantee technical standards, this covers all fitting requirements, such as the relining of the existing chimney or where there is no chimney, a stainless steel, twin wall chimney can be installed.

Our range of services covers every aspect of chimney maintenance from chimney sweeping to replacing chimney stacks, CCTV inspections and full surveys.

  How to Light Your Stove

Look out for the Defra symbol

For stoves approved to burn in smoke free areas

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